Fueling your future.

Everything we do is designed to support you in achieving your life’s vision. It doesn’t matter if you are 32 or 72, there are immediate goals and long term ones. We listen. Discuss. Set milestones.
And put it all into action.

What sets us apart

Mirador Capital Partners takes a hands-on approach and manages our clients’ money internally. We only use an outside manager if we believe they add special value.

Through market cycles or life cycles, the team at Mirador Capital Partners executes customized wealth management strategies to advance your long-term financial goals. We develop a program that achieves your lifestyle goals and positions you and your family for long-term financial security, whether through investments in stocks, bonds, alternative assets or real estate.

Home field advantage

A benefit to being native to the SF Bay Area is our proximity to and awareness of exciting, small cap, next generation companies. Mirador’s research department conducts rigorous organic research into these revolutionary opportunities unfolding in our backyard.

Unlike large investment firms whose sheer size precludes them from investing in these smaller companies, Mirador’s independence means we’re free to act and invest in these timely and strategic opportunities.

Investing your money wisely

We work with you to build a program that includes the most important parts of investment and wealth management.

Asset allocation
Investment management
Traditional investments (stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities)
Tax efficient investment strategies
Individual securities
Individual bonds
Private real estate
Private equity
Alternative investments (Global Macro, Equity Long Short, Managed Futures, Emerging Markets, Dedicated Short)

Achieving your goals

Strategic financial planning
Next generation education
Wealth transfer
Money management for your business

No matter where you are in life, we’ll continually adjust the strategy to help you succeed. We understand how to listen.