The Tri-Valley's Premier Wealth Management Firm

Mirador Capital Partners is an investment management firm with a 30-year history of advising individuals, families, institutions and businesses with innovative wealth management solutions. We take the time to get to know our clients' lives and goals, so we can help fulfill their dreams.

Why do our clients choose Mirador Capital?

We're fiercely independent.

It's in our DNA. As a fiduciary we have the independent spirit and conflict-free business to do what's best to achieve your goals.

We invest in the same strategies as you.

The partners at Mirador Capital have the majority of their liquid assets invested in our firm’s strategies. The same strategies we offer you. That means we don’t point you into investments we’re not willing to make for ourselves.

Passion drives our process.

Studying the markets. Staying ahead of trends. Spotting warning signs. We fill our days with it. It's not just our job. It's our passion.

Success is beautiful.

We hope your investment success shows itself in more than your account balance. We love to see it in your face, and hear it in your voice.

We believe in transparency about fees.

We left Wall Street behind because of the conflicts and complexities and a track record of broken promises. We know how their model works. It's as much about selling as it is advising. Our fees are straight forward. Simple and clear. Our compensation is aligned with your success.

A Wall Street pedigree.

Having spent over two decades at the largest investment firms on Wall Street, Mirador's advisors have the investment knowledge, acumen and transparency for the next generation of investors.

We promise to be the financial partner that makes you feel informed, supported, and confident.

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