Mirador Capital Partners is an investment management firm with a 30-year history of providing innovative wealth management solutions to individuals, families and businesses.

We are focused on what’s most important to you: Saving for retirement, planning for education, growing a business, transferring wealth across generations, and building your legacy through philanthropy. Equally important, we are dedicated to preserving your wealth, so you can enjoy life on your own terms.

Sophisticated Management, Multiple Strategies

Mirador Capital Partners offers multiple, proven investment strategies to meet the needs of clients in every phase of life. Our portfolios are managed by a team of money management professionals with a disciplined due diligence process and commitment to research.

As a closely held business run by family members and long-time associates, we approach your goals as if they were our own. You’ll also benefit from the conviction in our own ideas: We invest our own money in the same portfolios we recommend for clients.

Expertise. Integrity. Collaboration.